February 11, 2015

A little obsessed lately with paper...and maybe ink, stamps and dies?!

Can't keep me away from quilt inspiration and creativity...
These are Valentine's Day cards for my oldest and dearest friends that live too far to see but once a year...can't wait till we are together again!  
These Perfect Pairs stamps are from Lil' Inker Designs and are just too much fun to color with copics!  I also used some Wet Paint Cuts dies from Papertrey Ink to embellish and send a message...
"Happy Friends".
These were cards made for my brother and Mom...birthday cards with a variety of supplies from Lil' Inker Designs (die) and Stampin' Up! Stamps and Papertrey Inks and dies and some Distress Ink for the edges.

Borrowed this Circle Circus set from my Stampin' Up! Demonstrator...gosh I love circles!

Had a ton of fun making these from handpainted paper, using some embossing powders and Copic markers!  Stampin' Up and Papertrey Ink stamps.  They ended up as a thank you gift set to someone so kind at work.

Love snowflakes lately...go figure as we are burried under over 3 feet of snow these days...and love Lil' Inker Designs Dies with the wonderful stitching lines...goes with the Happy House Quilts theme of quilt inspired creations!

Just found Reverse Confetti Design Company products and of course had to get the snow flakes!

I really love this retired Stampin' Up! Sizzix Lattice Die...this creation went to Sara's YMCA before school program teacher as she has left her post in search for greener pastures.  I used a Lil' Inker Designs Quilted Stitched Pattern Die to impress some quilted lines once it was all put together and then added the sentiment with some pop dots!

June 8, 2013

Loving Aqua lately...kids where away...so the mom could play :)

 PapertreyInc Delightful Dahlia was inspired by a Stamp TV Bold Blooms technique video I watched recently (skip the ad).
 Should have done the Imagine in white but it's clear...kinda ironic :)
Ellie like Zebra and I am not a fan so I played with it a little.
 the picture came out dark...sorry...this is with Rosie Posie from PapertreyInc and the Rosie Posie Step 2 set to match it
This was done with Wildflower Garden stamp set by Papertreyinc with a technique of using the die markers then spritz the stamp with water before you press it onto the paper.

June 3, 2013

Card making fun

 Birthday...Dunkin' Donuts color theme for my coffee drinking bestie!
LOVE LOVE LOVE PTI Dies and colors!!!  And the stamps too!
I used this Sketched Shapes
Die for the Banners
And this Cover plate circles Die for the circles
Actually submitted this one for the Make it Monday Challenge!
 Make a bunch and give as a gift...have baby/bridal shower guests fill out their addresses for the new mom/bride to help her get them out and lessen the burden :)
 PTI Hexagon Happy :)

April 1, 2013


Hope your Easter was filled with Blessings...beyond measure!
These cards were made with the help of Papertrey Ink :)  a new guilty pleasure.

February 27, 2013

Art Therapy research to seek medical changes in the Brain

Yes, Virginia, There Is Some Art Therapy Research

There is more evidence on art therapy than you think. 
Check out this article by Cathy Malchiodi from Psychology Today

Sanguine today

Marvel in delight at the light....how blessed we are to be on this earth and have each other...is there anything better?

February 10, 2013

Crafty Valentine's 2013

Crafty session with the girls...had to make this even though it's not exactly for Valentine's Day.  Papertrey Inc die cut and screw eyelets to adhere it to a black background.  3 philip's head and one flat head...ha ha
this Cat card is Ellie's creation...I taught her how to do a mask technique...she liked it :)  she loves cats these days :)

This one is slated for someone this year...but not exactly sure if he is my Valentine or not...we shall see.

Go get crafty!
Create from within!

November 18, 2012

Love attending craft fairs...wish I was still doing them ...but stumbled upon this one yesterday...it just made me happy!  Happy Thanksgiving to you all...stay healthy and happy...hug your kids and appreciate what you have today...we always want more...but when you have your health, you have EVERYTHING!!!

Peace to you all.

August 11, 2012

It's out of my hands

Just when I start liking what I see
There you go changing my scenery

I am well, healthy, kids are good...new job on the horizon...sadly a relationship has ended...I surrender to Him and he will lead me to where I need to be.  I am blessed today. Peace to you, Jodi

May 2, 2012


It's May and life is still strumming along, climbing more mountains...more in love and all check ups are good.  Still go every 3 months to keep me in menopause with the medication Zoladex and I get Zometa every 6 months and take Exemastane daily.  My annual mammogram on my right side was yesterday...kinda brought up some sadness as this is how it all started...but it's all good...one foot in front of the other :)

This year we will camp with a camper...a pop-up really...but it's going to be a fun summer!  The kids and I appreciate you all and hope to inspire if only a few people through their own journey and the struggles they face.

Blessings are everywhere!  Jodi

January 31, 2012

LIfe is there for the taking...these days!

Almost 4 years later after being diagnosed (3/08)...

I suppose 4 years ago, my mammogram was done and they wanted me to do a repeat and check out a few things...I was without insurance and didn't see the big deal in waiting...oh I had no idea what was in store for me?!

But that was then.

Amazing things are happening to me, now...to my life...for the girls...I can not thank the Lord enough..thanks aren't what He wants though...but to be glorified...as without Him...none of this wonderful life could be taking place. I have an amazing job, coming up on my year anniversary (2/14/11)...a wonderful man has entered my life with his children and together we make 7...time will tell what the future holds...but for today I will soak it up and breathe it all in!!!!

These days I say, "my life is full of Love, Prosperity and Abundance!"

April 10, 2011

The Secret is out...spring has sprung!

A beautiful day on tap today...took a wonderful walk with my daughter #2 and enjoyed listening to the wind talk to the trees. I am facing a new chapter this year and am loving so many parts of it. We got out yesterday and hit the driving range for opening day at the golf course. It's so nice to be the "customer" now!We definitely had a ton of snow this year with a foot or so falling on April 1st!But it allowed us to ski and skate this year, and I must say the kids did amazingly well! They had never done either sport before and em and el are confident enough on skis to travel all the way to the summit, providing they only follow the green circle trails. We were able to travel to Rangely, ME and went to Saddleback Mountain too...it was a blast as we were able to visit with cousins.

I began a new job back in February which has brought me so much pride. I get to be a community liaison for a health care company which is similar to what I did in my past life before kids and cancer. I am still in my first 90 days and hopefully they keep me ;) It is year round work with benefits and I was able to afford to buy a car of my own for the first time in my life! Past cars were either hand-me-downs from family or company cars. It was very empowering going to negotiate for the "deal" by myself, no man in sight!

I have a great group of friends that come to my home on Mondays to knit and on Wednesdays our local library started a knitting group as well. It is still the best therapy for me and my anxiety! I am knitting a cardigan...it's been ripped out or "frogged" once already, so we will see if I can complete the project. Completion is a goal and I was able to complete many smaller projects for holiday gifts this year...and a few for myself :)
So no longer dating and feeling quite sad about the loss of a dear sweet person in my life...I am charting a new course and determined to keep chugging along and allow my heart to be open to what the Lord presents to me...in HIS time...HE will show me the way.

2011 is off to a great healthy, prosperous year! I have been exposed to the dvd/book "The Secret" and try to live the philosophy...so several years ago I was on the beer cart working Saturday mornings and chanted to myself each shift, "my life is full of prosperity and abundance". Well, I must say...it came true! I challenge you all to try it! Be well dear readers.